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GFH spins out infrastructure investments into newly established “Infracorp”

Infracorp to manage a portfolio of infrastructure assets and developments valued at approximately US$3 billion and is expected to reflect positively on the Group’s profitability and balance sheet quality

GFH Financial Group (GFH) announced the spinning out of its infrastructure and real estate assets under the newly established “Infracorp” capitalized with more than US$1 billion in infrastructure and developed assets into the Company, which will specialise in investments focusing on accelerating growth and development of sustainable infrastructure assets and environments across the Gulf and global markets.

The Company will be managing a portfolio of near US$3 billion of infrastructure assets including land bank in the Gulf, North Africa and South Asia approximately 250 million square feet earmarked for sustainable economic and social infrastructure. Specifically, the Company focuses on investments in developing communities and investing in logistics and technologies that support sustainability and renewables as well as social infrastructure assets across the education and healthcare sectors.

Hisham Alrayes, CEO, GFH Financial Group

Commenting, CEO of GFH, Hisham Alrayes, said, “We’re delighted to announce this important milestone for GFH, further enhancing our financial position through the spinning out of our infrastructure assets into a specialised company. The launch of Infracorp has been in response to the significant need and opportunity for private sector investment in the development of sustainable infrastructure as global economies transition to becoming more equitable and socially and environmentally conscious. Unprecedented levels of capital are needed to both upgrade and develop sustainable foundations and Infracorp is well placed to put its capital, insight and ethos into investments that support sustainable growth. In launching the Company, we are also responding to demand and appetite among investors, in the region and globally, for opportunities that not only deliver solid returns but also provide for significant and measurable ESG impact. Investment in sustainable infrastructure is inextricably linked with social and economic progress and Infracorp is focused on raising and deploying capital to help meet strategic development needs while enhancing economic wellbeing and returns for all stakeholders.”

Hisham Alrayes continued, “Furthermore, spinning out infrastructure assets from GFH will allow the Group to focus more on financials assets, while allowing Infracorp to manage and deliver returns from infrastructure and real estate assets which have a longer investment cycle than banking activities. We believe the move will reflect positively on GFH’s results and the quality of our balance sheet. We will also look to list Infracorp on GCC exchange over the next 24 months and issue Green Sukuk, creating even greater value and providing a unique opportunity for investors.”