DDCAP Group™ announces ETHOSTerminal™

DDCAP Group™ (‘DDCAP’) announces ETHOSTerminal™, the latest evolution of the multiple award-winning Sharia’a compliant automated trade and post trade services platform, ETHOS AFP™. They are launching ETHOSTerminal™ with Emirates NBD.

ETHOSTerminal™ brings additional integration functionality to DDCAP clients via an open market environment that enables users full discretion in choosing trade counterparts. This upgraded functionality has been developed in response to user demand and Sharia’a preferences. In combination, these have caused Islamic financial market banks and institutions to seek transactional flexibility that enables them to select, and alternate, the market counterparties that they contract with for their individual trade requirements.

System enhancement through integration of platform functionality has been a principal focus for DDCAP in recent years. This latest development is one of a series of planned, system upgrades that will further improve the seamless trade and post trade automated experience for our clients within an expanded and open market environment.  Whilst fully contained within ETHOS AFP™, through ETHOSTerminal™ clients and counterparties of DDCAP will have access to the fully integrated service solutions of DDCAP’s diverse and market leading technology partners.

Having previously partnered with Refinitiv Eikon Open Platform to develop the Islamic Deal Connect; with Murex, the global leader in trading, risk management and processing solutions for capital markets, through Murex MX.3 for Islamic Finance and with Instimatch, an international digital network for the institutional money market, DDCAP is proactively exploring partnerships and integration opportunities with various third-party systems providers. We welcome approaches from prospective, systems technology focused partners who are seeking to broaden their own engagement with the ever expanding Islamic financial marketplace.

DDCAP will continue to invest in ETHOS AFP™, working to deliver a cost-effective solution that provides our clients with a dynamic product that has the ability to align with their specific Sharia’a stipulations and preferences whilst incorporating sustainability and corporate responsibility considerations. Development of ETHOS AFP™ and its functionality is integrated within DDCAP Group’s corporate policy formation, including our Sustainable and Responsible Actions (“SRA”) programme and the review processes and procedures of our esteemed Sharia’a Supervisory Board.

Stella Cox CBE, Managing Director, DDCAP Group™ made the following statement to accompany this announcement:

“DDCAP Group™ has been developing ETHOS AFP™ for nearly twenty years. As we continue along our pathway, our priorities will always include delivery of robust and efficient automated services via leading edge technology that embodies our own sustainable and responsible values.  The origination of ETHOS AFP™ was our response to the requests made of us by our industry’s esteemed Sharia’a authorities. Their ongoing support and validation of DDCAP and our services remains at the heart of our business and central to our strategy. Their guidance and oversight has been a key influence in developing ETHOSTerminal™”