Home Technology Profile Software announced the launch of the Acumennet eFX solution

Profile Software announced the launch of the Acumennet eFX solution

Profile Software, a financial solutions provider, announced the launch of the eFX solution, which is uniquely designed to support banks’ agents, branches, digital channels and clients accessing and managing their Foreign Exchange Risk quickly and effectively.

Acumennet, Profile’s Group strategic Treasury Management platform, has been enriched with a powerful client-centric solution to help both Treasurers and their clients manage risk and integrate with existing Banking platforms. Acumennet eFX can be deployed as stand-alone or as part of the award-winning Treasury platform Acumennet whilst it can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. The user benefits from having all functionality needed on a single platform with a single infrastructure, offering responsive UI supporting omni-device access, API enabled connectivity using cutting-edge technology.

The turn-key platform is characterised by competitive flexibility so as to easily add new functionality and deliver scalability whilst offering a modern dashboard with all key instruments available to the user, at a glance. It is API based and white-labelled, seamlessly integrating with any platform or data provider. The solution also offers easy management of multiple exchange rate feeds and best rates to customers.

Other features include the support of FX spot and FX forward, real-time FX rates, automatic dealing, request for quote including Timer, position summary with client blotter, customer FX position monitoring and 360-degree client view offering full automation of processes, etc.

Acumennet eFX is an end-to-end solution for clients and sales desk promoting Banks’ Digital Transformation strategy, improving client experience and empowering treasury professionals with cutting-edge tools increasing client trades and productivity. It can fully accommodate rapid business expansion and future needs for competitive Treasury management operations.