Mashreq launched a new digital wealth offering – Thematic Investments, giving customers access to 20+ risk & theme-based portfolios.

Customers can digitally start investing in Thematic Portfolios within a few clicks with no additional document requirements from Mashreq Customers

Mashreq continues to innovate its wealth solutions and has launched its new digital wealth offering – Thematic Investments, giving customers access to invest across 20+ risk & theme-based portfolios focusing on themes such as Impact Investing, AI/Robotics, Cyber Security, Healthcare, Future Cars, Growth Premier and many more. This solution caters to customers focusing on emerging trends with various investment options, from USD 100 to premium portfolios of USD 10,000.

Mashreq is the first player in the market to provide Thematic Investment using a fully digital platform. Mashreq customers can start investing in Thematic portfolios using the Mashreq Mobile app without additional documentation. To cater to different investment needs, customers also have the choice to invest lump-sum or create monthly investment plans on the platform.

Thematic portfolios also provide a smart rebalancing option to clients to ensure the optimal composition of underlying assets for each theme. The platform offers a transparent single charge structure of 1.25% per annum on active investments. This allows customers to do subscription, redemption, or rebalancing transactions at ZERO fees while managing their thematic investments.

Mashreq customers to start Thematic Investments need to just login to Mashreq Mobile App and start investing with as low as USD 100, selecting a monthly/lumpsum investment option. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, providing customers with detailed information about various portfolios, past & projected performance, underlying assets, etc., helping customers make the right choice.

Moreover, investors exploring investment options based on risk appetite, minimum investment amount, past returns, regions, etc., can access advanced navigation to choose the right investment. The platform seamlessly integrates into the bank’s recently enhanced Mashreq Mobile App, enabling customers to effortlessly invest in Thematic Investments while managing their everyday banking tasks from a single app.

Mashreq is currently providing leading digital wealth solutions, viz. Global Equities, UAE Equities, Mutual Funds & Thematic Investments catering to a range of needs of its customers while managing their wealth using state-of-the-art digital platforms. This is enabling customers to start their investment journey not only conveniently but also at affordable minimum investment entry points, achieving financial inclusion.

Vipul Kapur, Head of Mashreq  Private Banking said :As a bank, we are passionate about what we do and how we add value to our clients. We have always believed that technology, if harnessed optimally, can create significant value for all stakeholders in the ecosystem. On Mashreq’ Mobile App, clients can invest into Thematic Portfolios, buy & sell Mutual Funds and trade various asset classes including domestic, international equities, foreign currencies and commodities across global markets including Shari’ah compliant offerings. They can also have access to a range of analytical capabilities like portfolio 360, diversification into multiple assets and currencies and key details regarding their investment lending, which empower clients to make relevant and timely decisions regarding their financial goals and wealth planning “