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Global Software Solutions Group celebrates pioneering role in UAE’s Aani Instant Payment Platform

Mahmoud Abuebeid, CEO, Global Software Solutions Group

Global Software Solutions Group (GSS Group), a leading software company in the UAE, is proud to announce its instrumental role in enabling the successful launch of the UAE’s Aani Instant Payment Platform for Pilot 1 banks. GSS Group enabled two pilot banking participants – First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) and Finance house to go live on this platform with full spectrum functionality catering to all the use cases of the Aani platform. GSS Group traveled the journey from the start working closely with their customers and the banking regulator and provided a full end-to-end solution matching the requirements of the Central bank and meeting the business goals of the banks.

UAE’s Aani platform is set to redefine the payments landscape, facilitating instant and secure transactions that empower individuals and businesses alike. Through its state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive coverage, the platform will not only enhance the banking experience but also foster financial inclusion, ultimately contributing to the economic growth of the UAE.

GSS’s CEO, Mahmoud Abu Ebeid commented on this monumental achievement, stating, “The launch of UAE’s Instant Payment platform and Aani app is a huge milestone for the country. The UAE Instant Payment Platform will revolutionize payments in the country and bring world-class convenience to the Individuals and the merchant ecosystem. This initiative is aligned with the futuristic vision of the Central Bank of the UAE to transform the country’s financial system and promote growth and financial inclusion. We at GSS Group are especially proud that our locally owned software company was able to pioneer in implementing an end-to-end solution covering all the requirements of the UAEIPP and enabling Pilot 1 banks to go live. We thank the Central Bank of the UAE, Al Etihad Payments, and our Pilot 1 partners- First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) and Finance House for their support in this amazing journey.”

GSS’s COO, Saleem Ahmed commented “Our state-of-the-art solution stack built on micro-services and event-driven architecture covers the entire gamut of the Aani platform use cases and we are proud to state that we are the only service provider today who offers a true end to end solution for the banks. In addition to covering the use cases of P2P, P2B, Aani app support, batch, real-time payments etc., we cover the operational handling of this 24X7 system with our water-tight validations and exception handling dashboard providing a hassle-free operational experience for our clients.”

GSS’s CSO, Praveen Sekar commented “We at GSS Group, are honored to have had the privilege to work hand in hand with our Pilot Bank Partners – First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) and Finance House along Central Bank during the formative stages of NPSS – IPP, we went through many changes and improvements to make the Aani and IPP the best possible. Our Low Code development approach coupled with our rich experience working on Payments Systems and Enterprise Banking Solutions really enabled us to meet the steep demands of the Central Bank and our clients under very strict timelines. We at GSS are committed to the vision of the Central Bank of the UAE and the vision of our clients in leveraging these rails to address unique business cases and constantly come out with innovative business solutions to meet these needs. We at GSS Group are constantly working and improving ourselves to become the best there is in the world of Payments and Banking Automation space and we are taking our Real Time Payment Products and Capabilities across the world.”

The successful implementation of the UAEIPP for Pilot 1 banks signifies a remarkable accomplishment for GSS Group, showcasing its dedication to excellence and its role as a key contributor to the UAE’s financial technology advancements. GSS Group extends its gratitude to the Central Bank of the UAE, Al Etihad Payments, and its esteemed Pilot 1 clients, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) and Finance House, for their invaluable support throughout this transformative journey.