First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) launches multiple-thematic fund, the ‘FAB Thematic Rotation Fund’

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) has launched a multiple-thematic fund, the ‘FAB Thematic Rotation Fund’ under the OneShare PLC umbrella fund which is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Through this fund investors will have access to global investment opportunities across themes and trends arising from long-term structural changes, called Megatrends, shaping the world of tomorrow: Technology Innovation, Rising Urbanization, Environmental Changes, Next Gen Economies, and Demographic Shift, as defined by the Trackinsight Thematic Taxonomy.

FAB Thematic Rotation Fund invests beyond traditional geographical, sector and style boundaries to capture global growth opportunities from investment themes across various asset classes. The dynamic rotation across themes and asset classes over time allows the strategy to adapt to different market conditions. Investors will be able to access multiple investment themes focused on innovation and long-term growth while seeking to maximise diversification.

Based on a combined systematic and disciplined discretionary approach, the portfolio construction process leverages the diversification, liquidity and transparency benefits of cross-asset thematic exchange traded funds (ETFs). Through a reduced number of transactions, the fund gives our clients access to renowned experts involved in the design and evolution of the underlying index strategies, and benefits from diversified investments in ‘pure play’ companies within each theme.

Gerardo Amo, PhD, MD & Head of Products & Solutions Switzerland at FAB said: “Based on a full open architecture framework, we bring together industry experts to capture the best investment opportunities arising from undeniable disrupting forces reshaping the world of tomorrow. The FAB Thematic Rotation Fund benefits from a strong ETF selection process along a dynamic theme allocation model, based on deep research by a highly experienced investment team.”

Samira Zakour, MD & Head of Private Banking & KCG at FAB said: “This is an exciting opportunity for investors to stay ahead of the social, environmental and economic curve and to enjoy access to the trends of tomorrow. The fund offers clients a cost-efficient product to capture attractive investment opportunities across long-term trends, managed within a diversified, multi-assed class portfolio.”

To learn more about including FAB Thematic Rotation Fund as part of your investment strategy, please contact your Banking Relationship Manager or visit .