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Finshape and Arab National Bank partners for Personalized Banking Solutions

Finshape announces strategic collaboration with Arab National Bank (anb), a major bank and a pioneer in innovation in Saudi Arabia. This collaboration aims to deliver customized banking experiences that cater to the unique needs of their customers.

Finshape will use its advanced technology personalisation and data analytics platform to enhance anb’s banking services, ensuring they meet the diverse requirements of their clients. The implementable solution includes Finshape’s newest, the Money Stories format, which showcases categorized spendings and forecasts that help the customer stay ahead of their finances meanwhile, the bank will be able to communicate relevant connecting offers. This reflects anb’s commitment to staying ahead in the evolving financial landscape and ensuring customers receive tailored solutions aligned with their individual financial goals.

“We’re honored to collaborate with the Arab National Bank,” said József Nyíri, CGO at Finshape. “This collaboration reflects our commitment to speed up innovation and customer-centricity in the Middle Eastern banking scene. Together with anb, we aim to transform how customers manage their finances, providing them with tailored solutions that empower them to reach their financial aspirations.”

“We are currently witnessing a profound disruption in financial services, leveraging data-driven insights and artificial intelligence. It is truly exciting to be part of this transformative journey with Arab National Bank as we collectively elevate the customer experience to unprecedented levels.” – added Mohamed Hussein, Regional Sales Director of Finshape.

Both organizations aim to empower their customers with personalized financial tools and services that make banking more efficient and help them achieve their financial goals. This collaboration will focus on data-driven insights, sales, and personal financial management to create customized solutions that adapt to each customer’s unique preferences and needs to boost customer engagement.

“This strategic collaboration epitomizes our unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and prioritizing customer-centric solutions. By joining forces with Finshape, we are primed to spearhead a groundbreaking transformation in our clients’ banking experience, streamlining it with enhanced ease and personalized services, ultimately empowering them to fulfil their financial aspirations. These pioneering efforts, including the integration of a social media story-like format within our banking app, mark a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia’s financial landscape, setting a precedent for engaging and educational digital interactions.” stated Aiedh Al-Zahrani, COO at Arab National Bank.