FinaMaze launches “Future Sustainable Mobility” smartfolio

The newest addition to FinaMaze’s Smartfolios provides its investors access to the Future Mobility investment theme.

ADGM-based digital wealth manager FinaMaze launched its latest sustainability-themed smartfolio: ‘Future Mobility’. The newest FinaMaze smartfolio gives private investors exposure to over 50 companies in the Electric Vehicle (EV) full cycle ecosystem: from global EV-only to the most EV-engaged conventional car manufacturers; and semi-conductor producers to Lithium miners, refiners and battery producers.

The Future Mobility Smartfolio was revealed at the Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Forum (ADSFF), during the panel: “Mobilising investments to help finance the transition efforts”.
Engaged in ADGM’s initiatives and signatory of the ADSFF declaration, Mehdi Fichtali, Founder and CEO of FinaMaze, participated in the ADGM panel along with thought leaders from The World Bank, Abu Dhabi Investment Office and Standard Chartered Bank.

Our clients today make investment choices with environmental concerns and sustainability objectives in mind. They do not want to be confined only to the sole role of the eco-friendly consumer or of the conscious citizen. They also want to put their money and savings at work and buy stocks to reward the companies engaged in sustainable businesses or transitioning. Along the way, they become a significant channel to finance the sustainability transition while making decent returns. For example, the FinaMaze “Future Mobility” smartfolio clocked a +50% performance in 2021, double the S&P !” Mehdi commented.

To its investors that are concerned with the current general high level of the markets, FinaMaze’s innovative team offers a market-neutral version of the “Future Mobility”: it delivers the relative outperformance of the Smartfolio over the S&P, even if both decline.

Available statistics reveal that ESG funds now account for 10 percent of worldwide fund assets, with a record $649 billion poured into ESG-focused funds worldwide at the end of 2021 – up from the $542 billion and $285 billion that flowed into these funds in 2020 and 2019 respectively.

Since its establishment in 2018, FinaMaze has disrupted the wealth management space with its powerful, ‌cost-effective and ‌highly-customized‌ ‌portfolios – and continues to grow in the UAE fintech market with its unique hybrid approach involving a human/robo blend to provide services on its digital platform.

The Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Forum 2022, organised by the ADGM has a vision of plotting a path to meet Net-Zero targets via the MENA region’s 2050 Strategic Initiative through the commitment of the UAE’s financial sector. This year’s edition is the fourth in its annual series and was held virtually on the 19th of January 2022.