Emirates NBD Asset Management launches signature multi-asset funds

Three funds populating Emirates NBD’s Asset Allocation with carefully selected products from the world’s leading asset managers

Emirates NBD Asset Management announced the launch of three multi-asset funds based on the global asset allocation process and fund selection capabilities of Emirates NBD’s Chief Investment Officer’s team.

Named the Emirates Signature Cautious Fund, Emirates Signature Moderate Fund and Emirates Signature Aggressive Fund, reflecting their respective time horizon, the funds are designed for three distinct investors’ profiles. Their allocation across global markets is determined by both a long-term strategic framework, aiming at protecting capital on respectively 3,5 and 7 years, and a tactical process to seize medium term opportunities. Finally, portfolios will be invested in globally recognized best-in-class funds carefully selected by a dedicated team.

This sophisticated approach, constantly monitored, balanced and adjusted to market conditions, will be accessible to a wide audience, with a low minimum investment of USD 1,000 and daily liquidity. Proudly run from Dubai, the funds will combine global diversification and expertise with local control and accountability.

The funds are domiciled in the well regulated jurisdiction of Luxembourg and regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) and managed by Emirates NBD Asset Management, who are regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority. In addition to the dual regulatory oversight, the funds are also subject to Emirates NBD Asset Management’s internal controls.

Maurice Gravier, Chief Investment Officer of Emirates NBD said: “The challenges of 2020 only confirm the golden investment rule: global diversification, constant adaptation and virtuosity in selection make a difference. We combine all our investment expertise and passion in ready-built, accessible portfolios for our clients. They reflect our core Wealth Management goal: protecting capital better than competitors in difficult times while not being distanced when markets rally. This is our Signature”

Steve Corrin, SEO Emirates NBD Asset Management added, “We are pleased to offer all our investors a choice of cost-effective and market leading products with global exposure, built on a long-term view to help investors weather dynamic market cycles.”

Emirates Signature Cautious Fund, Emirates Signature Moderate Fund and Emirates Signature Aggressive Fund will be available in AED, EUR and US dollars.