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Wio Bank and Fiskl signs innovative partnership to redefine financial management with AI

Wio announces a partnership with Fiskl, an AI global accounting platform, marking a significant step forward in advancing digital banking and AI-powered financial management solutions. This collaboration leverages Wio’s world-class banking APIs to integrate with Fiskl’s advanced AI-driven financial management platform, setting a new benchmark for digital banking and financial management services in the region.

Innovative Digital Banking Solutions and Beyond

Wio transcends traditional banking by not only embracing but leading technological innovation, offering its customers in the UAE an enhanced way to manage their finances. The availability of Wio’s banking API and its direct integration with Fiskl establishes a new standard in digital banking. This collaboration merges reliability with real-time API banking data access and leverages advanced AI-driven financial management to deliver a comprehensive and seamless experience for Wio business banking customers.

Empowering SMEs with AI-Driven Financial Management

Fiskl’s integration with Wio Bank simplifies financial management for SMEs by combining cutting-edge AI technology with real-time API banking data access. This strategic partnership provides Wio Business banking customers with a unified, user-friendly platform that fully automates financial processes, enabling them to optimize their financial operations and make informed decisions more effectively.

Transformative Benefits of the Wio – Fiskl Integration

● Seamless Connectivity: A direct link between Wio accounts and Fiskl’s platform ensures efficient financial management and real-time cash flow overviews.

● Instant Financial Clarity: Real-time transactions keep businesses aligned with their financial status, without the need for manual updates.

● Automated Transactions: Exclusive to Wio, this feature automates internal and cross-currency transfers, simplifying complex financial reconciliation with Fiskl’s AI-based engine.

● Mobile First: The integration provides a comprehensive accounting mobile experience, enabling on-the-go financial management with full Wio Bank sync capabilities.

● Simplified financial flow: Simplifies the process of adding and managing new Wio accounts within Fiskl, enhancing user experience.

Setting up Small Businesses for the Future

The need for modern, compliant financial and accounting tools is paramount for UAE businesses navigating corporate tax and digital tax submissions. Wio, through its partnership with Fiskl, is at the forefront of addressing these requirements, offering businesses the solutions they need to navigate the evolving financial landscape with confidence.

Prateek Vahie, Chief Commercial Officer of Wio, shared his vision: “Wio’s direct integration with Fiskl underlines our commitment to pioneering digital banking solutions and empowering our customers to manage their finances. We continue to work with our partners to develop and provide innovative financial services that make banking easier and more transparent for SMEs.”

Alina Lapusneanu, CEO of Fiskl, remarked, “Our collaboration with Wio is more than a partnership; it’s a pivotal step forward in our quest to make sophisticated financial management accessible to all small businesses. By joining forces with Wio, a leader in banking innovation, we’re enhancing our AI-powered banking to accounting services to better serve the broader UAE market. This ensures that small businesses can navigate the complexities of new financial regulations not just with ease, but with confidence. It stands as proof of the transformative power of technology when aligned with visionary partners.”