Profile announces the launch of RegiStar, a brand-new solution, which is based on a modular platform, and is considered a top choice for large multi-shareholder private companies with nominal shares.

RegiStar is an integrated solution for complete monitoring and management of shareholder registry. All companies having issued nominal shares can now enhance their investor relations services with a robust, and top-notch technological platform. The system provides a user-friendly interface, fast data management, a plethora of tools and it is easy to adjust and customise according to any company’s requirements.

RegiStar has been developed, utilising all the recent technologies and best practices to provide modern tools to IR managers. Amongst other things, the solution is cloud-enabled, supporting all languages (multi-language), whilst making full use of the Windows rights system (LDAP). Moreover, it integrates automation systems (e.g. automatic loading of transaction files) and machine learning, offering ergonomics in use, speed at work and quality in the information generated. The solution is enriched with a support system for General Meetings and corporate actions and a valuation system (in monetary units) for the transactions both at shareholder level and at dynamic shareholder groups collectively.

The solution can be accessed from any browser (Chrome, Edge, Opera, Safari) and can be hosted at any cloud provider including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and/or on-premises. The platform supports SMTP to inform users directly of several functions or actions occurred in the system through email. Moreover, it auto-saves user preferences and offers dynamic Reporting through AI and Alerting based on specific parameters, such as the reception of a message regarding transactions for specific shareholders or shareholders who exceeded a percentage on shares or reduced it below a specific percentage.

The most important benefits derived from the use of the platform include flexibility and scalability to accommodate future requirements as well as a secure and reliable performance. The embedded modern design significantly enhances the user experience. The platform also offers 24/7 accessibility, whilst its highly modular component-based architecture enables the adoption of a tailor-made solution to fit the specific needs of each company.

RegiStar is becoming the ideal choice for shareholder registry, offering a unique experience and setting a milestone in the world of investor relations.