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National Bank of Fujairah kicks off new financial literacy campaign

National Bank of Fujairah (NBF) organised the first secondary school visit in a new programme aimed at improving financial literacy among 14-16 year old students in the UAE.

The half-day session, at GEMS Winchester School in Fujairah, was aimed at challenging and informing the way the attending students think about money and equipping them to make smarter money decisions. Delving into concepts like saving, loans, credit cards and budgeting, students gained a broad understanding of how personal finance works. Fifty students took part.

Vince Cook, CEO of NBF, commented: “NBF is committed to supporting its customers and members of the wider community on their individual financial journeys, and equipping them to take the right financial choices to achieve their financial goals. Programmes like the one that kicked off this week fit perfectly with our strategic approach, and the vision of the UAE’s wise leadership. I would like to thank KFI GLOBAL for their partnership and look forward to rolling the programme out across the country.”

Marilyn L. Pinto, Founder, KFI GLOBAL added: “As the UAE’s leading provider of financial education, KFI GLOBAL has partnered with the National Bank of Fujairah to bring this critical education to youngsters. I am a strong believer in the power of collaboration and am thrilled with this partnership and the potential it has to positively impact the lives of the next generation”.

KFI GLOBAL takes an innovative and comprehensive approach to equipping individuals, particularly youngsters, with the knowledge and skills needed for sound financial management. Through its multi-award-winning program, KFI GLOBAL aims to inspire real behavioural change, empowering individuals to take decisions in their financial journey.

Following the success of the first session, NBF and KFI GLOBAL are planning to roll the programme out nationwide.