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Mbank launches ITQAN – Universal Digital Banker, an advanced banking & finance digital training program empowering Emirati graduates with hands-on experience

Al Maryah Community Bank (Mbank) recently launched ITQAN – Universal Digital Banker, an advanced Banking & Finance Digital Training Program to groom, nurture, and equip high-potential UAE National fresh graduates with hands-on experience in the field. This program is entirely conceived and developed by Mbank’s management specialists, who are also responsible for delivering the training sessions to its participants.

Bridging the gap between conventional banking services and the rapidly evolving banking landscape, the ITQAN Training Program combines both community digital banking practices and modern digital technologies. Over the course of three months, heads of departments at Mbank will lead the training sessions covering topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptocurrency, blockchain, information security, decentralized finance, customer experiences, and much more. Participants will get the chance to meet Mbank’s top financial leaders and get equipped with the most innovative digital banking knowledge. Accordingly, they will learn how to monitor and analyze business growth indicators as well as provide personalized financial advice and solutions to achieve specific business objectives. In addition, they will be collaborating with various departments within Mbank to deliver comprehensive financial solutions.

Commenting on the launch of ITQAN Training Program, Mohammed Wassim Khayata, Chief Executive Officer at Mbank, said: “We are excited to announce the launch of our advanced Banking & Finance digital training program, which offers practical training to fresh graduates. Our philosophy is that learning is an active process that is best achieved through hands-on experience. Our program provides young Emirati graduates with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the digital era of Banking and Finance by working on real-world fintech case studies that need to be solved. We are proud to offer this unique opportunity to help these graduates develop the skills they need to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape”.

He added: “The ITQAN Training Program will benefit the banking sector as a whole in the UAE, as it preps the youth of the industry for the rapidly evolving financial landscape and equips them with all the necessary tools to excel in their future. This program is not like any other, as it is an asset that provides them with a competitive edge against other graduates looking to enter the field. With Mbank’s ITQAN Training Program, graduate students will get the chance to embark on the beginning of their career journeys through practical functions and experiential learning – all while building self-assurance as they see real results from their efforts! We’re happy to see these graduates embrace what the world of digital banking must reveal while unlocking the window of possibilities in their future careers”.

Mariam Almarzooqi, Head of Human Resources at Mbank commented: “We’re excited to announce the launch of the ITQAN Universal Digital Banker Program at Mbank. This program enhances the skills of selected candidates and provides them with necessary knowledge to keep up with the digital banking and finance industry. Participants will gain practical experience and learn the latest technologies in the field. The program is open to candidates with a strong interest in banking and finance who show academic excellence and an ability to work in a fast-paced environment”.

Anas Sabek, Head of Learning and Development at Mbank said: “We are very happy today to inaugurate the ITQAN Universal Digital Banker Program at Mbank, whereby it will enhance the target candidates’ technical and professional skills needed to thrive in the digital era of the Banking and Finance sector. This program provides dynamic learning knowledge to unlock the essential digital tools and work skills with confidence and adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the modern banking industry”.