Liquefy gains in-principle approval for the first licensed tokenized Securities Private Financing Platform in UAE

Liquefy is proud to announce that it is the first company to be granted in-principle approval to operate a Private Financing Platform (‘PFP’) for the Abu Dhabi Global Market (‘ADGM’), in line with the jurisdiction’s wider regulatory regime for digital assets and securities. Once granted in full, Liquefy will be able to offer tokenized securities backed by real world assets such as private companies, venture funds and other alternative investments to investors in the UAE on its Alternative Global Marketplace. This marks an important milestone in Liquefy’s development from a pure technology provider towards a FinTech platform.

Liquefy has established itself as a leading tokenization player in Asia by offering enterprise-ready technology solutions to corporate clients, with the long-term vision being in the tokenized securities distribution space. Strategically, the license enables Liquefy to complement its asset origination strategy for seamless end-to-end tokenization, while also consolidating its presence in the UAE, building on the existing joint venture with The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum and SEED Group in Dubai. The UAE has positioned itself to be a blockchain progressive region with ambitious initiatives such as the Dubai 2020 Blockchain Initiative and Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021. Investors in the UAE also have a strong appetite for tokenized securities and an openness to invest in alternative assets leveraging new technologies.

Adrian Lai, CEO of Liquefy said: “Liquefy has always recognised the UAE as a region ripe with opportunities, offering a unique blend of favourable investment environment, a culture of innovation, and progressive investor appetite for alternative investment. We are extremely proud to expand our operational presence in the UAE with the granting of the license in-principle. With our extended service offerings, Liquefy aims to continuously drive FinTech innovation around the globe.”

About Liquefy

Liquefy is a FinTech platform that enables the issuance and distribution of tokenized securities backed by real assets to bring in a new world of accessible investment. Liquefy’s Alternative Global Marketplace will allow qualified asset owners to access new sources of private capital from fully compliant investors, while capturing operational efficiencies and enabling exposure to a wider investor base for their fundraising. Since inception in 2018, Liquefy has established successful cross-asset diversification and legitimate tokenization use cases around the globe.