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Libyan Islamic Bank partners with Backbase to enhance Digital Customer Experience

In an effort to streamline its customer service operations and enhance its customers’ digital banking experience, Libyan Islamic Bank (LIB) has partnered with Backbase, the renowned expert in engagement banking platform solutions worldwide. Established in 2017 with a primary focus on retail and corporate segments, LIB has been a steady presence in the financial landscape of Libya, abiding by the principles and legislations of Islamic Sharia.

As the banking industry continues to evolve, LIB recognizes the need to modernize and adapt to the changing preferences and expectations of its clientele. The initiative to revamp its existing mobile app for retail customers and introduce new digital apps for business users comes at a critical time. This move is expected to significantly reduce friction in customer onboarding and servicing processes, thereby promoting a smoother, more intuitive banking experience. Backbase stands out as a market leader with top-notch innovative digital platform capabilities, making it a preferred choice for this partnership.

Central to this transformation is the introduction of Backbase’s Engagement Banking Platform, a single omni-channel banking platform, that aligns well with LIB’s aspirations to adopt a customer-centric approach, orchestrate user journeys across all touchpoints, and innovate at the speed of digital. Recognized for its innovative digital capabilities, Backbase offers a tailored solution to meet the challenges encountered in modern banking operations. This collaboration marks a significant shift in LIB’s strategy, as it leverages Backbase’s expertise to facilitate quicker transitions to customer-centric platforms.

One of the main objectives of this collaboration is to increase digital adoption rates among LIB customers, enabling self-service options that are more aligned with the current market trends and customer demands. By enhancing the functionalities of its existing platforms, LIB aims to not only attract a larger customer base but also foster long-term relationships through improved service offerings.

A significant part of this endeavor involves reducing the bank’s reliance on branch-based operations, a move that is expected to not only streamline processes but also promote greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It necessitates the removal of legacy systems and manual paper-based processes which have long been recognized as impediments to swift and smooth service delivery.

Adel Kashad, acting GM of LIB, remarked, “In these times of rapid technological advancements, it is vital for financial institutions to adapt and innovate continually. This partnership signifies our commitment to providing our customers with more streamlined and efficient banking solutions. By collaborating with Backbase, we aim to enhance our digital service offerings, bringing a new level of convenience and functionality to our clients, thus reiterating our position as a bank that is truly in sync with the needs of contemporary consumers.”

Matthijs Ejipe, Regional Vice President of Backbase, commented on the collaboration, stating, “This partnership with LIB marks a significant step in the direction of creating more nuanced and customer-centric experiences in the banking sector. Our Engagement Banking Platform is designed to facilitate seamless customer journeys, and we believe this initiative will set a new standard in the industry, fostering growth and innovation in the region.”