Empay, the world’s first contactless instant credit lifestyle payment ecosystem, launched in Dubai

This next-generation mobile payment ecosystem offers instant line of credit for a range of services and facilitate in-app and contactless lifestyle payment services.

The Emirates Payment Services announced the launch of Empay, the world’s first contactless instant credit lifestyle payment ecosystem. Empay, designed and developed within the UAE’s Smart Government program framework, is a payment application for secure and cashless transactions.

Empay is also the region’s first national contactless mobile payment app developed for the UAE residents from all walks of life. Empay provides multiple payment modes for people to use as per their convenience and lifestyle requirements. Empay is a culmination of government and private sector service payments including a wide variety of payments and lifestyle services such as Dubai Economic Department License Renewal, all types of bill payments, food ordering from restaurants, education fee payments, international remittance, P2P (Peer-to peer) micro payments and much more.

In short, right from your morning coffee to paying for your taxi ride to large business-related license renewals, users need just one single app — Empay. In addition to this, Empay will provide instant credit facility to people, who need funds for making various payments without having to visit any bank and complete formalities and paperwork.

UAE residents can download the free super app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store and register in just two minutes, and avail a Mastercard powered digital card within the app. The next-gen mobile solution is set to revolutionize customer experience by enabling them to conduct their financial transactions in a simple, fast, smart, and secure way.

Commenting on the launch of Empay, Mr. Ali Ibrahim, Deputy Director General of Dubai Economy, and Chairman & Managing Director of Empay, said, “In line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai for moving towards a digital or cashless economy, we are incredibly proud to unveil Empay, the new way to make contactless payments and financial transactions. Launch of the platform coinciding with the 49th UAE National Day celebrations is a matter of pride and honor for us. Its launch happens at a time when the UAE is retaining its vital position in the global economy. This new solution will contribute towards acceleration of the nation’s on-going transformation into the most advanced and connected digital marketplace in the world.”

“The launch of Empay comes within the framework of Dubai Economic Department’s strategy by supporting the transition to a digital economy for all business sectors, especially in developing financial transactions through contactless payments that enhances productivity, reduces costs and saves time. The App is also considered as a service model for smart living,” added Mr. Ali Ibrahim.

He also said that the Department of Economic Development, Dubai believes that Empay will have an added value in the transition to contactless payments.

Ms. Muna Al Qassab, Chief Executive Officer at The Emirates Payment Services L.L.C, said, “We are delighted to launch Empay and join the movement to accelerate the delivery of digital services in the region. Empay unlocks an amazing future of cashless transactions serving as an innovative platform for all in this rapidly changing digital payment market. Empay aims to become the ultimate payment solution for all residents of the UAE. With this project, we put customer experience and satisfaction as our topmost priority. Owing to changing lifestyles a, daily commerce, and rapid growth in online retailing, this trend is expected to continue during the forecast period in the region.”

“The objective of the application is to offer a single platform for residents to make their day-to-day payments without the need of having multiple apps on their mobile phones for different payment requirements. Empay brings seamless user experience that no other solution provider offers in the region. We understand this model of payment solution is not only the need of the hour but will lead the way for all things digital in the times to come,” she added.

Mr. Gigi George Koshy, Deputy CEO and Chief Product Officer of Empay, said, “Empay is a highly evolved mobile application, which provides the user with a comprehensive range of services making it the only lifestyle payment app one would ever need. It is the ecosystem that moves with you wherever you go for your payment needs.”

Mr. Girish Nanda, Country Manager, UAE and Oman, Mastercard, said: “Flexibility, security and convenience underpin this new initiative which will undoubtedly simplify the lives of UAE residents. With a holistic range of lifestyle services available, the development of Empay is a milestone moment in the country’s transformation into a fully cashless society. As a trusted technology partner to the UAE’s payments sector, Mastercard is proud of its role in enabling this super app, strengthening the nation’s credentials as a global digital leader.”

Empay is developed as a go-to application to make secure, fast, smooth, and flexible payment from anywhere in the world. Even if the users are travelling, the multi-functional ecosystem guarantees their convenience by simplifying their transaction requirements.


Contactless Tap & Pay: Empay users will now be able to make seamless contactless payments across the globe using NFC (Android) along with QR code payments after any purchase.

Instant Line of Credit: This feature would help the residents to avail instant and paperless credit facility in minutes without having to go to a bank or fill out long forms. This comes as a savior at a time when several people are facing immense challenges in funding their children’s school fees or pay their business license fees.

Easy & Speedy Registration Process: Registration on Empay is an interactive, easy and seamless process that can be completed in less than two minutes.

In-App Payments:

Fee Payment for Dubai Economy License Renewal: Business owners can now be at peace as Empay enables them to renew their Dubai Economy License instantly by paying from anywhere in the world without the hassle of going to a center. The Empay users can get the licenses renewed and availed on their mobile phones within minutes of making the payment.

Seamless Utility Payments: Empay makes it easier for the users to pay their utility bills in one place and with a simple tap, rather than paying the tabs at the start of the month through different platforms and payment centers.

Paying School Fees: Empay enables payment of education fees right from the tip of the users’ fingers, making it more comfortable like never before. Empay will provide parents of partner schools alerts and reminders for their education related payments, which would be helpful for parents on the go. Since the app promotes contactless in-app payments, this would be of much relief.

Order Food Online: Empay offers unrivalled convenience when ordering online from the best restaurants in the UAE through the app. Customers can eat their way through the world with a wide selection of Middle-Eastern, Asian, Italian, European, fast-food menus and so much more. Users also can view restaurant menus with updated images and price lists, track their orders and enjoy the meal at any time of the day.

International Money Remittance: Empay users can now transfer money across the globe at their ease from their phone to any bank account worldwide – 24/7. This helps to avoid the hassle of standing in long queues or visiting money exchange houses. Tracking remittance and confirmation of receipt of the money is an added benefit to the remittance feature.

Deals & Offers: Empay also offers fantastic deals and discounts to users when making online or contactless payments through this app. They can enjoy access to some of the best deals in town when making purchases using the Empay app while remaining safe with contactless payment.