Appway appoints new Chief Operating Officer

Appway has appointed Mark Holenstein as Chief Operating Officer, effective November 1st, 2021.

Mark Holenstein brings a unique perspective to Appway having been instrumental in the growth and success of two enterprise software start-ups which developed into Unicorns and were both acquired by SAP: Signavio, a business process management and mining SAAS vendor; and Hybris, the leading e-commerce software vendor. With his strong growth mindset and start-up mentality, Holenstein is known in the industry as a senior leader who can build and run businesses at scale while understanding how to accelerate growth when entering new markets with new products. Holenstein brings a valuable perspective to Appway’s current expansion and entrance into new areas with offerings like Appway-as-a-Service and Appway Cloud.

We are thrilled to welcome Mark as the new COO,” says Hanspeter Wolf, CEO and Founder of Appway. With his outstanding track record in developing enterprise software companies, putting their business growth in hyperdrive, and ensuring superior customer experience, Mark will support us to fulfill our vision and actualize our mission in the months and years to come.”

“A relentless focus on happy customers and new markets – combined with a passionate and dedicated team – drove the tremendous success at both Signavio and Hybris. I see similar components at work here at Appway. I spent considerable time in the customer experience, customer relationship, and process management space, realizing that companies can hardly cope with the speed and magnitude of continuous change. Appway’s focus on composable business is putting companies at the forefront of change again, helping them improve customer experiences and run smooth processes.” says Mark Holenstein.

About Appway

Appway is the leader in onboarding for financial services businesses. Every 30 seconds a new client relationship is created with Appway. Appway offers certified, secure, Cloud-based software for client onboarding, servicing, and reviewing to firms from bespoke wealth managers to the largest global financial institutions.

Appway software is proven to rapidly deliver unparalleled client experiences, a 90% reduction in onboarding time, a 10% increase in margin per client, and a 225% ROI.

Appway’s built-for-purpose business solutions are based on the expertise gathered over hundreds of deployments worldwide – from opening an individual investor account to onboarding a billion-dollar multi-jurisdictional entity. With an extensive ecosystem of partners, Appway allows customers to intelligently orchestrate the full range of client interactions of any complexity.